Thursday, March 22, 2012

The loss of one...

An acquaintance of mine died.  A young man, handsome and talented, died by his own hand.  A man with a large circle of friends left without saying goodbye.  Maybe, in fact, he did say goodbye, but in a silent way unheard by many and ignored by others.  Those of us who remain ask, silently or aloud, why?  There was no explanation left on paper to tell us.

The Turner motto and mission – A Sound Mind in a Sound Body – seems to be at complete odds with suicide.  Of course it is.  If you were in sound mind you would not end your life.  On the other hand, when the body becomes so unsound that medical devices are required to keep it alive the advance medical directive kicks in.  Pull the plug. 

Mental health professionals believe that people attempting to end their own lives really only wish to sleep until the problem resolves itself.    Many religious people believe after death we awaken to a trouble and pain free experience. 

We know our lives are full of choices.  Individually and collectively we make decisions every of every day.  So, for today, appreciate the beauty, talent, love and the time we had with Johnny.   While the loss of one diminishes us all, we were exceptionally fortunate to have known him.

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