Wednesday, February 22, 2012



Difficult as it is to admit, I am a lazy Turner.  Sure I’m involved.  Absolutely I try to maintain good health.  Certainly I exercise my mind.  But that aging body…OMG as the youngsters say, needs more attention than it’s been getting – exercise-wise.  Rubbing on lotion is not exercise.  Thinking about getting into my pool as soon as the warm weather arrives is not exercise.  Strolling down Main Street for breakfast at Ruby’s is not exercise.  Lotions and potions can serve a purpose.  A one mile walk before a meal does curb the appetite a bit.  Even that all out 2 mile walk with the cardio work out up the hill has benefits.  But actually focusing on specific areas for particular reasons is another thing entirely.

On Monday I had one of those freak episodes, you know the one, you bend or turn or something and the pain in your lower back knocks you for a loop.  Attempting to become erect is almost impossible.  Walking without appearing to have a rod jammed up ones backside is futile.

You know that commercial that says, “We have an app for that!”  Well guess what folks, we Turners have an exercise for that!!!  Not only will I enhance muscles on the other side of the ache, but improve my balance.  Not only will I be toning and firming, I will be creating new synapses so important to us of a certain age group.  Not only all that, but I will be aching elsewhere too!

While our Phys Ed master, Mesfin, says all the right things about time, benefits, pain/gain, blah, blah,  blah, maybe Ben Gay will become the lotion of choice.  I am, however, committed to see what I can do to get that sound body back.    

My time out is over, back to the exercises.

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