Sunday, February 12, 2012

Connections - past and present

The Los Angeles Turners are part of a national organization of Turner groups.  With its national HQ in Louisville, KY, the American Turners keep us connected.  Sport fests, cultural fests and individual competitions in most sports make people to people contact possible in this digital age.  That is not to say that cyberspace has no place.  It does!  Plans for WII (or X-Box) competitions are in the works for Los Angeles.  Opinions about which system is preferable will be welcomed.  Our Center features a 182” (4.6 meter) screen which should be the ideal way to cyber-sport.

I wonder what our Turnvater Jahn would think about cyber-sport.  But then I also wonder what Michelangelo would have done with power tools, Beethoven with an electronic keyboard and Elizabeth Barrett Browning with a computer.  Would Mark Twain have blogged?  Would the world have followed Gandhi on Twitter? 

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